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Pods & Springtime and Modern Rustic Lamps

  • 1 min read

Here's Janna sketching pods on a Spring afternoon...

"I've always been blown away by the range of elements in a tiny pod. Their form, their texture, their intricacies....each one is a sculpture in and of itself, with its own story to tell.

Pods and Springtime always remind me of my Mother... her love of unusual plants is woven into many of our designs. The one I'm holding here, I always think of as Mom's Pod. It was one of her favorites because of its flowing form and teeny tiny clusters.

She was always picking up the unusual pod during our time together in her woodland garden, and finding ways of incorporating them into her seasonal bouquets or decorations -- even painting some to highlight their interesting shapes. If you look closely you can find Mom's Pod in our Artful Branch Collection!"

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