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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you will find the answer to your question on this page. If you don’t, or if you need further information, please don’t hesitate to call 413-527-5530, or email us at

Replacement Lamp Shades

Q: I have an old lamp base that needs a replacement shade. How do I know what size shade it takes?

For a quick answer, snap a photo and call us! If you still have the old shade, it's easy - pick one as close in size as you can. If you'd like to swap shapes, stick within 1-1 1/2" of the height and width. We ship a free harp with every replacement lamp shade order so that it insures our shade will fit your base properly. The bottom of the shade will land just below the socket, where it should.

With today's LED bulbs that do not get hot, the bulb(s) can be closer to the interior of the shade than ever before. Hence, there are a lot more options, but you do want it to look proportionally correct.

Height: The rule of thumb is that the shade should be app 2/3rds the height of the lamp body. Width: The width of the shade should not be less than the width of the base at its widest point. I think it should be slightly larger 1-2" to look and feel correct.

Here's a quick test: Cut a piece of cardboard the dimensions of the shade, as a flat silhouette. Tape it to the bottom of the socket, stand back and see what you think. If you have the time, keep it there for a day or two to get used to it. This is particularly helpful if you are thinking of changing shapes.


Q: My shade had a clip on attachment. Yours use a harp, can I get one of yours to fit my base?

Yes, you will need to order an adaptor clip from us. Give us a call or email us as they come in large or small, depending on the bulb size.


Q: We had an accident, and the shade was broken or damaged. Can it be replaced?

Yes. You can always order a replacement shade. If it was one of our older hand painted designs, it may now be discontinued or unavailable. If it is a ceramic shade, please keep as much of the damaged shade as possible. Shards are helpful in identifying a specific style or graphic. In order to aid us in matching/reproducing your ceramic shade as closely as possible, we may ask you to send a remaining piece to our studio. When you get in touch with us, we will help you to identify the shade and let you know what your replacement options are. You are always welcome to order a replacement shade from our current ceramic shade collection for a new pattern. A giclee replacement shade is also an option. Please inquire about sizes and purchasing the proper adaptive kit.


Q: The ceramic shade of my double-socket lamp was broken. Can I replace it with a parchment shade?

Yes. You will need an adaptor kit from us. The large drum and the large conical shades are available for double socket lamp bases. LED lamp bulbs are recommended for the large conical.


Lamp Maintenance

Q: My lamp is crooked or the parts are loose. How can I fix it? 

Our lamps are made in the traditional way without using glue, so they can be re-wired in the decades to come. As a result, the bases do require tightening from time to time (sometimes even after a bumpy UPS ride upon arrival). To do this, remove the shade and unplug the base. Hold the socket firmly in place (to prevent the wires from spinning inside the socket), and use pliers to tighten the nut under the base. If the lamp is a floor lamp, it is often easier to have someone else hold the socket while you tighten the nut. The final position of the pull chain should be due right of the stem with the harp lined up to the front and back.
If your lamp is crooked after you have tightened it, stabilize the base by pressing down on it with one hand. With your other hand, firmly grip the lower section of the harp and socket and slowly press the stem in the direction you want to move it. For a floor lamp, put a cloth over the base and use both feet to hold the base steady while straightening the stem.

Q: The copper stem of one of the lamps has fingerprints on it. How do I polish it?

With time, copper tarnishes to create a beautiful aged patina. To ensure even tarnishing, lightly use a dry, green or brown “Scotch Brite“ pad (vertical direction only) to lighten, blend, polish, or remove scratches and fingerprints.


Q: How do I care for my steel lamp or table?

Your steel lamp or table has been treated and coated with a sealant, but should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. 
Please know that it is possible that some rust may occur over the years, especially if you live near the salt water shore. Rust spots can be easily removed by using a dot of mineral oil (or cooking oil) on a rag or Q-tip.  Once dry, to seal for future rust prevention, use Pledge (or furniture polish with wax).  Spray a small amount on a rag and apply.


Q: My pull charm has broken off my lamp, but I still have it. Can I repair it? 

Yes. You need to poke out the connector which is still inside the charm. An awl or a long nail is good for this. Poke the nail or awl through the small hole, so the connector pops out of the larger hole. If there is a small piece of chain attached, toss it out. Re-thread the pull charm by inserting the chain into the small hole and down all the way through the charm. Re-attach the connector again and pull the chain up so that the connector is hidden inside the charm. These are designed so the connector is hidden and the sculptural form suspends freely.

If you've lost your pull charm, feel free to order a new one from our site. Just choose the color to match your chain. If you need more chain, just give a call or email what length you'd like.



Q: My order arrived damaged. What should I do? 

Keep all of your original packaging and call us right away. We will ask you the nature of the damage, request the tracking number for the package, and guide you through the return and replacement process.


Placing Orders

Q: Can I choose the finial and pull I would like on my lamp? 

Yes. There is no charge for this change. Please be certain to specify when ordering.


Q: The lamp I am interested in is only shown with one style base. Can I order it with a different base instead? 

Yes, as long as the lamp shade is the same size and shape. Please specify in the notes in your cart or feel free to call or email us.


Q: I'd like to order a pull charm for my ceiling fan but I notice that your chain is thinner in diameter. 

No worries. We can send a connector to connect the chains. With the fan chain relaxed, (do not pull on it first), simply snip the fan chain app 2" from the fan. Add our connector and chain with pull charm at the end. Done! Call or email to purchase whatever length of chain you need.


Light Bulbs

Q: I purchased a small accent lamp. What type of bulb does it take? It doesn't seem to fit through the harp and into the socket. 

It takes a 40 or 60 watt traditional appliance bulb or a small 40 watt LED bulb 2700 K. You need to screw in the bulb and then attach the harp to the base around the bulb. Then drop the shade onto the harp, tighten with the supplied washer and lastly, the finial.