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What is the LampBar?

The best kept secret at Janna Ugone & Co

Welcome to the LampBar. We’ve got it! Finally, the perfect shade to bring the light back into your beloved base. Use and re-use…here’s your chance to upcycle your favorite base and give it a total refresh! Visit our LampBar where it all happens: Scan amongst the shelves of lampshades and have fun swapping different sizes, shapes and colors to bring out the personality and potential of your lamp… and you can get creative!
Bring your base and get started. Feel free to bring along anything that will help you select color and pattern; swatches of nearby fabric, wall color, photos of the room. One customer even brought her bedside table in! Whatever helps you make the best decision.

If it’s not possible, bring photos of the full base, and a close up of where the shade attaches to the base, the base and lampshade dimensions. Funky connection? No worries, we have adapters, harps & hardware to make it work.

Live too far away? Peruse our Shade Chart with dimensions to get the closest swap. Take a photo with a tape measure extended upright, next to the base. If you have the old lampshade, do the same. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

How to find the LampBar

The LampBar is located right next to our studio and showroom in Cottage Street Studios.

1 Cottage Street, Suite #325, Easthampton MA, 01027