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Capturing the constellations

  • 1 min read

Making some final touches with a gentle hand and a size 2 round brush, Janna talks about her inspiration for the Midnight design.

"I think one of the reasons Midnight is one of our most popular patterns is that everyone is awestruck by a midnight sky covered in constellations. It's unifying, something that continues to inspire all of us.

Constellations have been a part of my work since I was a teenager, and they seem to follow me through the decades. I bet we all have a memory of star-gazing, and learning about the stories in the sky. I also love the silhouettes of trees as dusk rolls into night. 

Some of my first designs had raised, braille inspired constellations. Since then they've evolved, and many shades in our collections from ceramic to giclée are pierced for sparkle."

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