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Ceramic and Wood Table Lamp with Large Conical Shade in Twilight

Handcrafted, archival giclee conical shade featuring our Twilight pattern. Twilight shade features pierced constellations: Orion, Cassiopeia, Little Dipper and Triangulum.  Shade is signed, dated, and hallmarked. Lamp base is our handmade texture-glazed white earthenware and hand-turned poplar wood in a warm natural finish. Pewter finial in a steel oxide finish.   


  • Height : 25"
  • Width : 18"
  • Size : Large
  • Lamp Shade Shape : Conical
  • Lamp Shade Height : 9"
  • Lamp Shade Top Diameter : 6.5"
  • Lamp Shade Bottom Diameter : 18"
  • Max Incandescent Wattage : 100 watts
  • Can accommodate LED or incandescent light bulb
  • Wired to UL specifications
  • Handmade in the USA
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