Showing off

May 11, 2017

Showing off

A quiet candid shot of Justin working diligently at a show this past February, setting up the perfect scene for the Flora & Maze collection to shine in.

For each show, we set up our booth ahead of time in our studio to work out the details of how to present each collection -- both current lines and new debuts. 

Gnarled live-edge wood, succulents, vintage sculptures, and string lights all add to the experience of browsing our work.

We also make sure to come equipped with lampshade swatches, tile samples, mini lazy susans and mirrors -- so we can really help you select the right pieces for your home or gallery. We love it when the public bring swatches of their own for us to complement! Nearby tile, paint, and fabric samples are great to have on hand, and make selecting the perfect design that much easier.

If you're looking for a shade only, you could even bring the base in and see exactly which design gives your favorite lamp the best makeover.

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